Classic and Contemporary Works of Spiritual Illumination
Classic and Contemporary Works of Evolutionary Literature

During early childhood, Marie S. Watts began questioning: “Why am I? What am I? Where is God? What is God?”

After experiencing her first illumination at seven years of age, her hunger for the answers to these questions became intensified. Although she became a concert pianist, her search for the answers continued, leading her to study all religions, including those of the East.

Finally, ill and unsatisfied, she gave up her profession of music, discarded all books of ancient and modern religions, kept only the Bible, and went into virtual seclusion from the world for some eight years. It was out of the revelations and illuminations she experienced during those years, revelations that were sometimes the very opposite of what she had hitherto believed, that her own healing was realized.

During all the previous years, she had been active in helping others. After 1957, she devoted herself exclusively to the continuance of this healing work and to lecturing and teaching. Revelations continually came to her, and these have been set forth in each of her books.

To all seekers for Truth, for God, for an understanding of their own true Being, her words will speak to your soul.

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