Classic and Contemporary Works of Spiritual Illumination
Classic and Contemporary Works of Evolutionary Literature

The Omnipresent I Am, Volume One

Marie S. Watts
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5.5 x 8.5

“Love is the fire of this Truth. Love is the Light. Love is our inseparable Oneness.”

This is the first of two volumes resulting from a class given by Marie Watts, a class which she describes as “the most glorious and enlightened class we have ever experienced.”

She goes on to say: “The purpose of these writings is that the student may completely transcend all illusory sense of a selfhood or an existence separate from or other than the infinite, indivisible, omniactive Omnipresence. Virtually every difficulty we ever seem to experience, no matter what may be its name or its nature, is due to the apparent inability to perceive our universal, inseparable Oneness. To truly perceive is to be that which is perceived. Aware of being that which we perceive, we are the evidence of our conscious awareness of this Truth.”

She insists that in order to understand what we are, we must understand what the Universe is. In starting from this limitless standpoint, our understanding has no limits

We are told that although many statements in the book may startle us, they are truly revelations which, when read, studied, and contemplated, will bring ever-increasing illumination.

As always, Marie Watts emphasizes the practical nature of these revelations of Truth. “What would be the use of all our glorious, enlightened experiences unless we perceived and experienced these Truths in action, right where we seem to be focused at the moment?”

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