Classic and Contemporary Works of Spiritual Illumination
Classic and Contemporary Works of Evolutionary Literature

Our Guiding Purpose is to bring classic and contemporary works of spiritual illumination to interested readers.

From the beginning in 1990, even before it had a name, the role of Mystics of the World has been to share the teachings of Spirit.  The project initially focused on the teachings of Joel Goldsmith, but very quickly, valuable work from other important teachers came into view. Often times books were given as gifts from others who also wanted to see this incredible Word shared.

These volumes, authored by revered mystics and spiritual lights of the early and mid-20th century, were in public domain, long out of print, and therefore unavailable except for the few found in used book stores. Mystics of the World made photocopies of these and produced simple, comb-bound books; the mission was to make them available for others to read and study. The message within each of the books pointed readers to the highest spiritual principles, each in their own way and yet each containing the wisdom of the ages.  

In this simple and practical way Mystics of the World came into being. Its guiding purpose over the course of many years has been simply to share works of vision and universal spiritual principles with interested readers. It has been a project of love and sharing, one that has had its own flow and rhythm. Mystics of the World is a living process whereby treasures of the past and present century are made available to readers around the world in print, and more recently in print-on-demand and e-books.

At the end of 2018 the activity was transferred to new hands. Mystics of the World now has a new home and ownership but the same vision—to continue to share works of Mystics and spiritual masters, old and new.

We are honored and pleased to invite you to our new Mystics of the World home online.  Here you will find many of the original Mystics of the World treasures from authors like Lillian DeWaters, Walter Lanyon, Marie Watts, and Vivian May Williams to name a few. Other newly published works of great interest and spiritual depth will continue to be added to our library.

Each man or woman must make the journey alone-must become sensitive to his or her own Soul-faculties, for the infinite can be known only through our cosmic faculties.

Charles Earnest Essert
Secret Splendor