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Our guiding purpose is to bring classic and contemporary works of spiritual illumination to interested readers.
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When you are fully aware of being what you already are, you experience illumination.
~Marie S. Watts

Mind and the Intellect

by Margaret Johnson
In this inspiring and penetrating collection of talks, Margaret Johnson, a spiritual teacher of great wisdom and integrity, offers practical and elevated instruction about the spiritual life.  
"The mind is pure and unconditioned and you have dominion over it."
~Margaret Johnson

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Coming in 2019 & 2020:

Mysticism of Now
by Rafael Catalá

Windows to the Soul
by Yvonne Banks-Martin
"Our conscious union with God is expressed in what is given us to do. This is meditation: God expressed as what we do."
~Rafael Catalá
Mind and the Intellect
by Margaret Johnson

NOW AVAILABLE!  Margaret Johnson dispells the myth that mind and the intellect are one and the same, revealing the joy of a life lived by grace.
Who is a Mystic?
Throughout the ages there have always been individuals who have turned inward to find meaning in life. At some point in their lives they embarked on an inner quest for truth.
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The I-Level Imprint

Mystics of the World's I-Level imprint features works by authors who were either students of 20th century mystic, Joel S. Goldsmith, or who were profoundly influenced by his message known as The Infinite Way. While new generations of authors continue to bring forth inspired wisdom, the I-Level imprint is reserved exclusively for books whose message aligns with the principles taught through The Infinite Way.

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Charles Earnest Essert
This spirited 20th century author, adventurer and spiritual pioneer penetrated the veil of illusion, reaching the infinite kingdom of Soul. Secret Splendor is his story.
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Love is what happens when you disappear into thin air. Disappear as fast as you can—you won’t miss the weight. Afterwards, you’ll watch Love float you into sanity, into realness, into vision.

Elsa Joy Bailey
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