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Windows to the Soul

Yvonne Banks-Martin
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"This is an exceptional book and a lifetime’s work. It contains universal wisdom which is clear yet personal to each and every one who reads it, providing a unique experience. I have found new discoveries, understanding, and peace in every wisdom irrespective of how many times I may read them. Nothing but good comes from reading all or any part of this book; let the words speak for themselves."

Dr. Sonia J Rowley

Mystics of the World is proud to present an unusual and beautiful new publication—Windows to the Soul, a little book of wisdoms. This small book defies any characterization of genre within the realm of books on truth or spirituality. For that reason, it is  as accessible as it is illuminating. The inspired wisdoms within are not so much meant to comfort as to refresh and revitalize and upend any and all perceptions about what the journey to awareness is.  

Windows to the Soul is a collection of revelations the author experienced over a period of many years. The author writes, “I simply wrote them down when they arose. Each one accompanied an often huge inner shift and awareness in my consciousness and my living. Each one has changed me beyond recognition. They are, in fact, who I am and who I continue to become.” These wisdoms are meant to be pondered and experienced, slowly.  One at a time. They create questions rather than answer them. They are openings into the reader's own spaciousness.

“… Who I continue to become …” These words are not one person’s words but describe a universal, pristine truth that there is no static “enlightenment” to reach. The  wisdoms in this quiet gem mirror to readers their own revelations, those shifts that  arise moment by moment, often unrecognized.  We warmly invite you to enjoy Windows to the Soul. In it you will recognize your own adventure of living and being.

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