Classic and Contemporary Works of Spiritual Illumination
Classic and Contemporary Works of Evolutionary Literature

The Word 1965-66 1966-67

Marie S. Watts
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5.5 x 8.5

“What is a miracle? … Beloved, you are the miracle. Your Body is the miracle. Your very existence is the miracle. The entirety of your Being is God, being God, yet God being You. This, beloved, is the ever-present miracle, and You are It.”

In this book of monthly letters to students of The Ultimate, Marie Watts reveals the principles of Absolute Truth. She wrote only as she was divinely inspired; thus, the writings presented here contain deep spiritual principles based on the Truth that God is All, All is God.

Articles such as “What Seekest Thou,” “The Power of Effortless Activity,” “Existence as Illusion,” “Seeing from God’s Standpoint,” “One Choice Alone,” and “The Ever-Present Miracle” open the way for Self-revelation. Also included are suggested readings from the Bible and previous issues of The Word, which serve to deepen the understanding of these Truths.

The Love, joy, and humility in these writings uplift and inspire, and they are evident in every word flowing through her enlightened Consciousness.
Marie always emphasizes that each one of us is the Revelator as well as the revelation:

“These Truths presented in The Word are not being presented to you. They are not coming to you from anyone or anywhere outside of, or other than, your own God-Consciousness. There is no outside, and there is no other Consciousness than the one infinite Consciousness that you are. The Truths presented in The Word are revealing themselves as the Consciousness that you are.

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