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The Omnipresent I Am, Evidenced

Marie S. Watts
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5.5 x 8.5

“All of the so-called problems of your experience would be instantaneously dissipated if you were suddenly to realize that you are this infinite, perfect, omni-active Mind, Intelligence, right here and now.”

This is the second of two books based on class work given by Marie S. Watts in 1966. While the first volume presents the universal I—omnipresent, omnipotent, omni-active—this second volume is a complete presentation of how this infinite I is evidenced in our daily experience. The two volumes together are “a complete revelation of the forever fact that God is All, All is God.”

The author maintains that although mortal existence seems to consist of one problem after another, this is only because we do not understand our true Nature and Identity. And what we do not understand, we fear.

She further explains that knowledge is power. When we know what we are, we are what we know; there can then be no fear or concern about our glorious, perfect Self.

Presented with inspired conviction, this second volume completes the author’s revelation that we are the manifestation of infinite Mind, evidenced in and as every event of our daily experience as well as the Body.

“Beloved, this is what you are. This is what you have always been and will ever be. Rejoice in this Truth, and forever be the evidence of the fact that the boundless, infinite, universal I AM that you eternally are really is manifested.”

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