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Classic and Contemporary Works of Evolutionary Literature

Elsa Joy Bailey began having mystical experiences at a very early age; in fact, she began receiving small poems when she was three. Not surprisingly, she did not grasp the inner truths within these poems until years later, when her mind had opened to Spirit.

During her adult years, Elsa’s love of writing led her into a career as an advertising copywriter. Yet all the while, she maintained an inexplicable interest in nonduality. Her curiosity led her into the works of Joel Goldsmith, A Course in Miracles, Rumi, Nisargadatta, Hafiz, Meister Eckhart, Hildegard of Bingen, Brother Lawrence, Evelyn Underhill, Jean Klein, Krishnamurti – and many, many others. To her, this community of conscious souls was living food.

In 1985, following a mind-shivering out-of-body experience, she became a committed seeker. This near death experience arose from a serious respiratory illness. During the out-of-body period she was shown Truths that had previously been revealed primarily through her reading. Now they were revealed as undeniable convictions.

After this event, she returned to the material realm completely healed, and infused with a spiritual mission to share that which had been revealed. As many who have had similar experiences can attest, new unfoldments continued once the Awakening had occurred.

Memos for Mystics is comprised of Elsa Joy’s musings on the many “Openings” one encounters on the spiritual path, as well as the inevitable pitfalls, backslides and sudden joys. The book can be read from cover to cover or opened at random for the message most needed in a given moment.

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