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The Temple Not Made with Hands

Walter C. Lanyon
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5.5 x 8.5

"Nothing shall withstand the brightness of His coming.”

“It is thrilling to contemplate the Presence and the capacity of this Power which lies within every man; to realize that the walls of Jericho, which seem so impassable and formidable, crumble away like so much sand. So does the Power raze the high walls which are shutting you away from your heaven.”

This glorious promise of freedom resounds throughout the writings of Walter Lanyon. His message is clear: we need not look to another for spiritual truth, for when we listen to the Voice within, our divine fulfillment is assured. We no longer battle evil, trying to “do” something to bring our desires into manifestation. The realization comes that there is no process of becoming, growing, or unfolding; rather, we acknowledge our true identity as the Son of God here and now and bear witness to this truth and nothing else.

In The Temple Not Made with Hands, we are shown the spiritual principles that lead to these realizations in a way that makes them immediately practical in our present experience, and we go forward with renewed joy and inspiration. The light of Truth shines forth on every page, and the seeker of Truth will feel this illumination dawning within his own consciousness.

“Nothing shall stop the on-rush of His presence within you, hurrying in His unhurried way to the fulfillment of your divine destiny. Nothing shall withstand the brightness of His coming.”

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