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The Healing Truth You Want to Know

Vivian May Williams
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5 x 8

"The only true creation is spiritual conscious­ness. Things do not come out of it—they are eter­nally within it."

“God and His manifestation is no longer any mystery.” Thus states Vivian May Williams at the beginning of this book, and in the ten unique lessons that follow, she clearly explains why and how this is so.

The author reveals the key to knowing how to “pray aright.” When we understand the nature of our true Self, the illusion of the senses is dispelled. Health is witnessed instead of disease, wealth in place of poverty, harmony in place of discord.

“Darkness is not real—it is but the absence of light.” Our “darkness,” or ignorance of Truth, keeps us bound by our false beliefs. How are we to remove this veil of ignorance?

We learn that “by contemplating the perfection of the spiritual world, the action of God which is always taking place upon man, this mist is dispelled and man witnesses heaven. As this action takes place, dispelling wrong thoughts, man awakens in consciousness to find himself in the kingdom of heaven (harmony) here and now, thus fulfilling the scriptural saying, ‘Thy kingdom come … on earth, as it is in heaven.’ ”

The author’s conviction is that we are not destined to remain in darkness, with God a mystery. In the lessons presented here, she has given us the means through which this understanding is possible. “Understanding, perception, and vision are man’s only redemption.”

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