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About Mystics of the World

Welcome to Mystics of the World, your resource for high-quality spiritual books and writings to assist you on your spiritual journey.

These books will aid you in answering the call of your soul to experience your true being. Our books stress the absolute allness of God, and each book can serve as a map to guide you on your inner journey to reality. These writings are for those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear.”

Our archives include many current authors and a large number of hard-to-find or out of print writings. The authors of these treasures are highly respected and a number of them are world-known spiritual teachers, practitioners and healers who have remarkable messages to share. Many of these authors were well-known spiritual teachers in the mid to early part of the 20th century.

You may be interested in reading bios for our authors and descriptions for their books by clicking on the “By Author” or the “Author Bios” webpage tabs, or searching with the Web Search function by name

Mystics of the World was started in 1991 with the sharing of photocopies of long out of print spiritual books with people who had been searching for them. Our business continued to grow as more individuals contacted us to share their treasured out of print books of other authors and eventually comb-bound books were created from them.

We now have several of the comb-bound books published as paperback editions and you may find them by clicking on the “Recent Additions” tab. In addition you will find several new books by current authors in this section as well.