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You Are the Splendor: The Way to Spiritual Illumination

by Marie Watts

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 222 pp.



“In this volume Marie Watts explains how illumination can be experienced by anyone and how it can profoundly change not only the life of the individual but the entire world.

“Outlining the purpose of this book, she says, ‘There has been much mystery attached to the word ‘illumination.’ It has been mistakenly believed to be a supernatural experience, and one that could only be achieved by a few chosen individuals. Actually, illumination is a perfectly normal experience, and one that may be realized by any individual. To live as an illumined identity is to live normally, freely, and to constantly experience peace, joy, fulfillment, and perfection.

“Perhaps the most important purpose of this book has to do with the world—its quarrels, its misunderstandings, and its cruelties. Herein is revealed the way in which illumined Consciousness permeates the entire world, dissolving and obliterating selfishness, hatreds, wars, and threats of wars.

“If the contents of this book are studied, contemplated, and understood, the individual and the world will indeed be blessed.”

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