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The Ultimate Awareness — Vol. One

An Eternal Constant

by Marie Watts

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 185 pp.



Throughout the books of Marie Watts runs the golden thread of Absolute Truth, an eternal Constant: “God is All—All is God.” Although this is Absolute Truth, it is nevertheless very practical, and we find many examples of how it is evidenced in daily life.
“The purpose of this book is that the complete consciousness, or awareness, of all that we are may be revealed, perceived, and experienced.”
She asks us to set aside all attempts to understand or interpret the statements in the book. Instead, we are to read joyously, effortlessly, with “full open Consciousness,” and let Truth reveal Itself as the Consciousness that we are.
“Before you have completed reading the book, you are very apt to experience what we call a “breakthrough.” … you suddenly see your Self, everyone, and everything the way it is rather than the way it seems to be.”

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