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The Ultimate Awareness — Vol. Two

An Eternal Constant

by Marie Watts

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 179 pp.



In this second volume, Marie Watts builds upon the spiritual truths and revelations presented in Volume One. She notes that it is important to have read the first volume since it lays the foundation for this second one.
The writings of this author illuminate the Truth— instructing and inspiring in a most practical way. Holding steadfastly to the Absolute Truth—that God is All, All is God—we learn that our true Identity is not only eternal, infinite Perfection but that it is present here and now. It is what we are, all that we are, and only that which we are.
“It is with joy far beyond words to express that these revelations of Absolute Truth are going forth as a fulfillment of a glorious purpose in, and as, the experience of everyone who finds this book in his hands and who reads in, and as, “full open” Consciousness. And the infinite, boundless, full open Consciousness is the I AM that you are, that you have ever been, and that you will everlastingly be.”

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