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Treatment and Demonstration and Your Heritage

by Walter C. Lanyon

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 125 pp.


This book was written in response to the many questions Walter Lanyon received in his work as a spiritual healer and teacher. It contains his insights concerning treatment and demonstration, addressing the barriers that would prevent us from realizing our divine heritage.

“There is a light in man which he can let shine, which will make his consciousness so white and shining that the records of mortal mind cannot be projected upon him. They may try to appear but are blinded and destroyed by light. This is the Consciousness which is spiritual and forever perfect, and when we come to realize what It is and how to attain It, we are not afraid.”

The spiritual principles that lead us to realize our divine heritage and freedom are clearly set forth here in a simple and practical manner, providing the spiritual seeker a firm foundation on which to build.

“The truth of the whole matter is that you are already free and have only to put on the practice of freedom to acquire it in the flesh. No more will you have to reach for God, to strain and feel after a thing called divine Mind which is somewhere outside yourself, but the moment you start thinking right, you are in the presence of the most High, of the Father within, and your seed of demonstration is being planted.”