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Transcripts of Joel’s Final Talks in 1964

by Joel S. Goldsmith

7 Talks

Comb-bound – 8 ½ x 11″ – 52 pp.


An important “Note to the Reader” has been added to each of the new comb-bound books, which will provide you with a far greater understanding for the special significance of what was actually set in motion by Joel’s heart attack in 1962 while teaching in South Africa.

Following one initiation after another, Joel realized that he had actually experienced his own “crucifixion/resurrection” and why this was necessary. He was shown the important benefit of his own tumultuous experience for his students. By understanding Joel’s own experience, students in the future could be more readily lifted up without having to suffer all that he had personally endured. He also was shown a very important insight concerning his work for the Cuban Crisis which will be a benefit for students as well.

The “Note to the Reader” provides crucial information to optimize your study of this most important classwork and will benefit the many students who are ready to rise to a higher state of mystical understanding than ever before. The same “Note” is included in each of the three new books.

Joel returns again to London to give a second set of classes in 1964. He points back to the holy message of “The Unveiling” given on his previous trip as the beginning of a NEW ERA on earth that has brought forth much fruitage for mankind. Christ incarnate in all humanity has now been publicly recognized by the Catholic Pope.

In the Transcripts of Joel’s Final Talks of 1964, Joel takes his message further beyond just the unveiling of God to the unveiling of God in you–– and in every soul. When God is unveiled in you, even the holiness of scripture is unveiled and you spiritually discern what the writers of that scripture had in their hearts. London continues to provide fertile ground for Joel’s spiritual unfoldments: “Here in 1962, I was told I was to be taken to higher consciousness, that a transition was to be made, and three have since told me that the South African experience was not an illness, but an initiation which was not yet complete.”

Joel was shown that the experience of his own initiation, when clearly understood, could bring students more quickly to mystical awareness. Understanding the key spiritual elements of this necessary experience could help individual students.

When the student is ready to be lifted to the higher awareness of “IS” he finds there is nothing to heal, to fix, or to improve and he no longer will be tempted to sow or reap, because he can See Through the illusory veil.