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The Word — 1971-73

by Marie Watts

 Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 178 pp.



This is the final book in the series The Word, a monthly publication sent by Marie Watts to students of the Ultimate. Beginning in 1960 and concluding with this book, she shared ever unfolding revelations of spiritual Truth, inspiring and uplifting readers in their continued growth. Of paramount importance to Marie was that readers realize that all revelation is Self-revelation and that they need not depend on books, recordings, or teachers for individual unfoldment.
After receiving guidance that its purpose had been fulfilled, she published the final issue in 1973, telling readers, “In the depth and breadth of the Love that I am, I could hope with all my heart that you would not stray, by even one footstep, from the Absolute Truth. To do so is only to seem to delay this indescribably beautiful and complete illumination.”
“Be not concerned if the full Glory seems long in coming. Never mind—it will come when you least expect it. It completely transcends all that is called space and time, and you will know that you are completely free of any and all limitation.”
“Beloved, even though you may still seem to be seeking, you may be assured that your faith will surely reveal the Heaven that is, and you will truly know that you are in the Kingdom and you are the Kingdom. Here, now, eternally, infinitely, you can be no other, for there is none else for you to be.”

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