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The Word — 1967-69

by Marie Watts

 Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 164 pp.



The Ultimate, as given to Marie S. Watts, is a spiritual teaching based on the Absolute Truth that God is All, All is God. She received this Truth through divine revelation, and with boundless joy and humility, shares it in a way that spiritual seekers can understand and apply to everyday experiences. In this book of monthly letters, written to students over a two-year period, she says:
“Our world today, including our own beloved nation, does appear to be in the throes of blindness, confusion, and strife. Lust for power, money, ambition, hatred, cruelty, and the like seem to be the order of the day.”
Yet the teaching of the Ultimate, based on the principle of Love, permits no discouragement:
“Love is the answer to every so-called world problem of today. But it must be intelligent Love. Love that is Mind is Omnipotence Itself. Herein is the Power that engenders freedom from all seeming blind leaders and followers of this world of appearance.”
She refers to world problems as a mist of mass illusion, ignorance, darkness, blindness. But Absolute Truth insists that “Love is not blind. Love is not ignorant. Love is not helpless. Love is not inactive, nor is Love impotent. The Love that is Mind—Intelligence—is omnipresent Power. We are the Love that is the Light of the world … the power of enlightenment right here and now.”
Whether the appearance facing us relates to the world or to individual experience, the Absolute Truth found here provides spiritual insight and inspiration, based on the fact that indeed God is All, All is God.

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