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The Word — 1963-64

by Marie Watts

 Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 202 pp.



In this fourth book of monthly letters to students of the Ultimate, Marie Watts continues to share her inspired revelations of Truth. Articles such as “The Unbroken Circle,” “My Burden Is Light,” “Being the Light,” Stand Fast,” “Your Boundless Consciousness,” and more bring deep inspiration and insight to the spiritual student. Marie always maintains that the evidence of spiritual Truth must be manifest in our experience, and she gives us much to ponder on topics such as government, age, time, and prayer.
In the opening chapter, she writes: “Always, when I start preparing The Word, a great sense of sheer, joyous gratitude surges and flows within and as my Consciousness.” This joy is so very evident in everything she shares, and readers have likewise responded with deep gratitude.
One student wrote the following: “When The Word is read for the first time, there is a feeling of fullness; then, as it is reread again and again, there is no longer a reason to read anymore, but just let the Light that I am be the Self that I am … be patient in your contemplations, and The Word will do the rest. It is a Pearl of great price. No price can be put upon it, for its value can only be revealed as you contemplate the Truth it states. The Word is You, God identified, the Christ.”

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