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The Word — 1962-63

by Marie Watts

 Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 216 pp.



“No one can reveal your Self to your Self, and that is the greatest revelation of all … All revelation is your own Consciousness, recognizing the Truth It already knows Itself to be.”
The Word 1962–1963 is the third volume of monthly letters sent by Marie Watts to students of the Ultimate, a spiritual teaching based on the Absolute Truth that God is All, All is God. These writings are the outpouring of Spirit to illumined “full open” Consciousness.
What is full open Consciousness? Why does the material world seem so real? How do we follow the spiritual path when surrounded by those who are opposed to it? Why do we have glimpses of the Truth but then lose our light and drop back into darkness? What is true humility?
These are but a few of the topics presented from the standpoint of ultimate Truth. These writings inspire and uplift, while deepening one’s understanding and commitment.
“Once you realize that you are infinite, you are free from all attempts to do anything, to attain anything, or to become anything. You walk in perfect freedom, in full confidence, and in infinite strength … You are aware that you already are everything you once seemed to desire to have, to attain, or to be. This is the kingdom of God. This is heaven. This is you.

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