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The Word — 1961-62

by Marie Watts

 Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 258 pp.



The Word 1961–1962 is the second volume of monthly letters sent by Marie Watts to students of the Ultimate, a spiritual teaching based on the Absolute Truth that God is All, All is God.
She notes, “The Ultimate has been called the Practical Absolute. Well, if the word practical means that the Ultimate proves Its Truth in our everyday living, then it can be said that It is the practical Absolute. It proves Its truth in our everyday living.”
This practicality is evident in the unfoldment that has come to her on topics such as dualism, illusion, supply, angels, and much more, as well as the spiritual interpretation of various parables and biblical passages. Questions are addressed, such as “What is sin?” “How can I love someone who is hateful, selfish, dishonest, and even sinful?” “How can I help being concerned and sometimes fearful for my child?”
Most inspiring of all is her insistence that illumination is our true nature: “We, too, can walk around in the dream awake. We can live and move and have our Being in constant illumination, seeing things as they are.”
“It is glorious to walk in the Light, as the Light. Above all, it is pure ecstasy to observe the Light illumine one who had seemed to be in darkness.”

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