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The Word — 1960-61

by Marie Watts

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 242 pp.



The Ultimate is a spiritual teaching based on the Absolute Truth that God is All, All is God. It was brought forth through the spiritual unfoldment of Marie S. Watts after many years of spiritual seeking.
This first volume of The Word consists of monthly letters to students of the Ultimate in 1960 and 1961. Their purpose is “to remind you of the Truth you already know, and are, this instant.”
In each chapter, topics such as Identity, Love, Divine Order, Completeness, Government, Freedom, Abundance, Purpose, and more are presented from an inspired spiritual perspective.
Also included are inspirational poems, as well as responses to questions such as “Why is it that I can understand this Truth intellectually, yet the spiritual inspiration and illumination elude me?” “How can I receive illumination?” “Why does it take so long to gain spiritual understanding?”
These writings are not letters “from a person to a person. Rather, this activity is God revealing Itself to Itself as Itself.”
Although written some years ago, the timeless revelations presented here remain vibrant and purposeful, and the sincere seeker for Truth will find much inspiration and practical application in his or her life experience?
“The Word is conducive to further enlightenment … It seems to kindle the flame of the Light you are, and the full glory of the splendor that seems to have been submerged leaps high in Light and ecstasy.”

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