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The Ultimate

Your Self Revealed

by Marie Watts

Paperback – 5½ x 8½” – 159 pp.



“This is a book of Life—your Life. Within these pages, you are destined to become acquainted with your Self.”

In making this wonderful promise, the author informs us that there is one all-important fact that must first be known: God is All as all.

She brings to our attention the fact that the little word “as” has been almost overlooked in the world of metaphysics. We hear and read that God is All-in-all, that God is in the universe; but we must see that God is All as all—that God exists as the universe, as you and me, as all that has life, form, mind, or activity.

We need not struggle to become what we already are. No matter what nametag we may have accepted, it has been a misidentification. All of our seeking and searching for Truth has been simply the one Identity, which we are, insisting upon manifesting Itself.
How are we to realize our true identity, our Absolute Identity?

The author leads us patiently and lovingly to this revelation of Truth. We are assured that the revelation of the Ultimate is no mere theory; it is Truth revealed, and when Truth is revealed, perfection is always realized.

We are invited to “accept this gift of Self-revelation and rejoice.”

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