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The Seamless Robe and Our Victory

by Lillian DeWaters

Comb-bound – 5” x 8” – 113 pp.


“Now the coat was without seam, woven from the top throughout” (John 19:23).
This is a book about Oneness. Lillian Dewaters tells us that the spiritual robe of Jesus symbolizes oneness, the wholeness and perfection of Being—without separation or needing to be pieced together. “The Truth of Being—‘I and my Father are one’—is not like putting a piece of new cloth into an old garment, for it transcends healing by lifting consciousness into a fuller comprehension of the oneness and allness of Life and Its expression.”
Through the clear revelations of Spirit, Lillian DeWaters provides the reader with an opportunity to realize that this perfection and indivisible wholeness is the very nature of our Being. “It s not to be had either through a putting on or a putting off process of thought or action … but is one’s real Nature, one’s seamless Robe.”
The robe of oneness contains infinite blessings and is ours to experience here and now. Nothing can prevent us from experiencing this Reality when we see our peace, goodness, and completeness as our natural, eternal Being.
The light of Truth shining through these pages brings the realization that “now is the instant for us to stand on the mount of transfiguration and let the former things pass away.” “When, if not now?”