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The Master Speaks – Unedited

by Joel Goldsmith

Comb-bound – 8 ½” x 11″ – 159 pp.


This is one of the early unedited talks that Joel Goldsmith gave in California in the late 1940’s. The edited form of this material is available as a published book by the same name. “When you learn to abide in spiritual truth, in spiritual consciousness; when you learn to ‘pray without ceasing;’ when you learn to live in the atmosphere of God as the only cause and creative power; when you learn to live in the atmosphere of God as omnipresent; then the rest of the 91st Psalm becomes true in your experience. Therefore, reciting the fact that a thousand shall fall at my left and ten thousand shall fall at my right, will not do any good, nor will reciting the fact that these evils will not come nigh me. They will not come nigh when we have fulfilled the message of the 91st Psalm which is, ‘He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High.’ Dwell in the consciousness of God, dwell in the consciousness of God as a living Presence, as an infinite Power, as Truth Itself.”

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