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The Law

by Joel Goldsmith

from The Early Years (originally entitled The Letters)

Pamphlet – 5½” x 8½” – 22 pp.


This message is from the outstanding chapter entitled “The Law” from The Early Years.  Joel explains how it is true that “you are the law unto your body” and he shared the secrets about how we can set our consciousness to receive the unlimited-ever-pouring Good. Readers will immediately recognize the enormous value of studying this message as every page is filled with valuable Truth that will be beneficial in your daily experience.

“There is no need to pray to God for anything. He continually pours forth His bounty as all that is required for your harmonious existence. This Principle, or Law, prevents evil in any form from touching you. If you will constantly practice throughout the day what has been written so far (until it becomes a veritable part of your consciousness), you will very quickly see things begin to happen.”

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