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The Inner Sanctuary

by Paul F. Gorman

Paperback – 4″ x 6″ – 32 pp.



The new pocketbook from the author of The Miracle Self offers a profound yet practical spiritual practice of entering the Inner Sanctuary of being in which, and as which, God (good) is visible, real and practical.
Gorman explains (pages 7-8) that “The kingdom of God is one, perfectly finished in every way; the unconditional and invariable good (truth) of existence. Every form of God, good, is already present and visible where we each are and is freely available to our immediate apprehension.”
“That which already is does not require time or process to be apprehensible. Rather, we only need to turn to it itself for its all-good to be visible and real to us.”
“Our only requirement in truth is to see truthfully. “Whereas I was blind, now I see.” (John 9:25)
We must transform our sense from material to spiritual, to stop misidentifying the spiritual by believing it to be material. As quickly as we do, we see and have the good of all in our lives. We see and have healthy, prosperous and harmonious person, body, thing and condition as our one tangible reality. Truth emerges in and throughout sense as the clouds of false understanding dissolve.”
“One Mind, One Power, One Presence — Because nothing but God exists, there is no “other” power, mind, condition or circumstance that can deplete God, divide or separate God, make God incomplete or in any way less than God is. Nothing can disturb or interfere with the presence, form and activity of God; nothing can cloud good from our sight; nothing of fulfilled life can be absent, ill, limited, disharmonious, invisible or impractical. Only God is; only God-mind is; therefore your mind (and mine) being, in truth, the one infinite and omnipresent God-mind, is and sees all that God is and sees, and none other.”
Continuing a legacy of giving the world mystical yet clear and practical truth, Gorman in The Inner Sanctuary shares another spiritual gem.
Precise, illuminating and, perhaps most importantly, practical truth. A well-lit way for the aspirant to find the deep Sanctuary “out from which,” and as which health, love, harmony, abundance and peace are witnessed as the boundless good forms of tangible experience; where the gifts of God (good, truth) are freely and unconditionally evidenced as individual fulfillment of being, and with which we are able to abundantly give to all in our world.
A wonderful addition to the Miracle Self library.

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