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That Ye Might Have

by Walter Lanyon

Part 2 of a Trilogy – Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 215 pp.

Part 1 of Trilogy – I Came and Part 3 of Trilogy – Life More Abundant



This book is a tremendous gift for all those who are ready to claim their true Identity, and the author stands ready to help us navigate through and beyond the maze of mortality and its hypnotic suggestions to an entirely new sense of Life!

As recipients of this message, we become increasingly aware of our opportunity to become conscious of God within, and “such a wonderful new vista opens before the individual when he even touches the Oneness of Life.”

We sense a progression of inner experiences with the Presence, and doors open to a New Life and New Identity as “Oneness fills you with light and devitalizes all fear of lack.”

The author reveals that as our inner vision is opened we realize there is a Finished Kingdom, and it is possible to bring it into manifestation. This is everyone’s destiny.

The practical aspects of accepting ownership of the underlying message of this book are enormous. That acceptance will be continually out-pictured in many ways, as it is the Presence that is revealing Itself as perfection in the life of all who are serving God.

The author reveals how simple this message is once we have a conviction of God’s presence as the Truth operating in our life. The message of this book will help each one reach that point of readiness to receive the unlimited benefits and joys from knowing this Truth as our own experience.

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