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Spiritual Healing as Taught by Joel Goldsmith

by Joel Goldsmith

Pamphlet – 4¼” x 5½” – 53 pp.


“Our function is not to try to help a human being, but to look through that picture and say, ‘There is nothing there but God, the divine Reality of being.’ When someone calls for help, do not put up a mental barrier and deny evil. In the face of any erroneous picture or discord, instead of denying it, instead of saying it is not real, when to all appearances it is actually taking place in the outer picture, do not argue, do not fight it, do not resist it at all, but just sit back and say, ‘I wonder how real you can be.’ Every claim, every suggestion, must be met in your consciousness at the time of contact. Do not put off the healing even for five minutes. Whenever we are confronted with any form of disease, sin, death, lack, or limitation, let us be quick to realize, ‘This is a hypnotic picture, and I do not have to do anything about it.’ ” —This pamphlet was compiled from excerpts on spiritual healing taken from books by Joel Goldsmith

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