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Script and Kid Handbook

by Lee Scantlin

Comb-bound – 8½” x 11″ – 114 pp.


Most of our behaviors, as what we like to think of as adults, are based in fear, are clearly non-productive when looked at (which is rarely done), and are often childish and compulsive. These behaviors are the behaviors of our “kids” (inner children), which have had traumatic experiences they were unequipped to handle and were not supported in. The Script and Kid Handbook is about identifying these personas or personality facets which run our lives, meeting their needs in this moment (giving them the support they needed), and integrating them into a truly spiritual adult whole which can then operate out of love. 

This is the most important spiritual work we can do since integrating our kids is the first (and most difficult) step in eliminating personal sense, the only thing making us live as if we were separate from God.

(Please try the Misery Meter at for a hands on experience.)

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