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Satisfied with God Alone

by Paul F. Gorman

Paperback – 6″ x 9″ – 311 pp.



“Satisfied with God Alone” is a breathtaking and powerful journey of Spiritual Awakening.

With the finesse and grace of a master teacher, Paul Gorman presents a work of fresh and astonishing spiritual clarity.

The simplicity and authority in which Gorman gives this profound message ignites the spiritual faculties of those ready to awaken. Anyone can witness God in their day-to-day lives if they first realize what God is (and what God is not), then seek God with all their hearts, rather than seeking the forms of God (good) alone.

When we seek the consciousness of God, find, and are then satisfied with the experience of God felt happening within, the miracles and freedom of truth become fully available to not only each and every individual but the world.

Because God is mind is formation (earth/universe), to be satisfied with the experience of God within is to have experience filled with the goodness of truth, freely and abundantly available for all to share.

With a richness and quality that manages to palpably alight the truth with the devoted seeker, this is a consummate work that helps inspire, lift, illumine and make possible the treasured life of spiritual purpose and freedom. —from the book