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Questions and Answers from The Word

by Marie S. Watts

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 156 pp.



The Word was a monthly publication that was sent by Marie Watts to students of the Ultimate, a teaching based on the Truth that God is All, All is God. Each issue contained articles and poems of a spiritual nature, as well as a section called “Questions & Answers.” It was a favorite with her readers, and this current book by the same title, taken directly from these monthly letters, will likely be a favorite as well.
Why does it take so long to gain spiritual understanding? How did I get into this material existence? Why do I still have problems?
These same questions, and many more, have come to most spiritual seekers, but the answers have not always been readily available. The reader may be surprised to find many of his or her own questions answered in Marie’s clear and inspired responses.
She delighted in helping students rise higher in understanding and was especially grateful for the healings and illuminations which often followed.
Marie assures us that we do reach a point where we no longer question; we realize that the question is but the answer insisting on being recognized, and it will be revealed in the moment when it is needed.
Questions & Answers from the Word is a treasure for the seeker of Truth and will surely inspire, reassure, and be a blessing for all who read this book.