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The Price of Glory

by Lillian DeWaters

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 113 pp.


“Never has humanity stood more in need of a knowledge of the truth which will bring to it the real salvation than right now.”
How are we to attain this knowledge of truth? What is “the price of glory”?
“No real progress in mind and heart can ever be made without the sacrifice of the personal self.” Each time we lay this false self on the altar, “we are that much nearer the end of the mental separation between ourselves and our experience of perfection.”
Merely reading and talking about our oneness with Christ is not sufficient. But as we accept the grace of God, freely given, the price of glory is paid.
Lillian DeWaters writes out of a vital experience, grounded on the truth of the Bible, and brings clear, practical instruction to everyone who would grow in the Spirit, thus bringing the illumination and reform which must come, in order that humanity may awaken to its original peace and perfection.
As we surrender ourselves wholly to our God and to the one “altogether lovely” Jesus Christ Reality of us all, we shall transcend all the discordant conditions of our personal experiences, together with all their limitation, and we shall know that we are hereby paying the price of Glory, for we shall find ourselves in a New Day—the Day of perpetual blessedness, the Day of transcendent Love.