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Out of the Clouds

by Walter Lanyon

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 169 pp.


“Arise and shine; you are a being of light, in a universe of light, and you are filled with the light and inspiration of the Almighty.”

Out of the Clouds is a book of joy, a call to the seeker of Truth to recognize and accept the inner unfoldment taking place within, the new birth, and give thanks. “You have been called into expression as the Son of the living God.”

We find within these pages a New Day coming into view. We are leaving “theoretical heavens and promises”  and realizing the Word made flesh. “You, who have been wandering for many lifetimes through a maze of beliefs … shall, in spite of it all, accomplish whereto you have been sent … and you shall at last catch up with the idea and express it.”

Walter Lanyon inspires the spiritual seeker in a sincere, forthright, and, above all, joyful way. He writes with the authority and confidence of one who has traveled this path and found the deep fulfillment of spiritual Truth. His love for this Truth is evident, his enthusiasm  boundless. Regardless of where we seem to be in our journey, his clear revelation of Truth inspires us to go forward and greet the New Day, the new heaven appearing out of the clouds of human belief.