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Our Sufficient Guide

by Lillian DeWaters

A Study of the Bible

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 119 pp.


“In this compilation of Bible verses is found a clear presentation of the Trinity, or triune God; the deity of Jesus Christ—His mission, His atonement, His revealment of the Soul-Self. The reader will see what the Bible has to say about ‘law’ and what it means to be ‘saved by grace.’ It is also disclosed that Jesus Christ is much more than a wayshower.”
Lillian DeWaters has presented us with a valuable resource in which she has “used the Bible to explain the Bible.” She maintains that the Bible is our sufficient guide to eternal life; no book can take its place, and “it is the standard of divine teaching.”
Her unfoldments of the spiritual meaning of Scripture will deepen the understanding of any student of truth, and “as the words in this book are read, many will find themselves in a Presence they had not known before.”
Her heartfelt purpose in writing this book is revealed in her opening words:
“Go little book, labor of love, and in His name preach the living gospel of salvation. Go, open the blind eyes, unstop the dull ears, quicken the fainting heart, waken the sleeping dead, and oh, bring the multitude to drink at the living fountain and eat of the living bread,—entering the heavenly kingdom prepared for them through the victory of Jesus Christ.”