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by Paul F. Gorman

Paperback – 5″ x 8″ – 137 pp.



One, the new book from Paul F. Gorman, author of The Miracle Self offers a clear spiritual insight and meditation practice that enables the spiritual devotee to lift into the consciousness of oneness and thereby quickly watch the flow of harmony open up in practical experience. By today it is well known that in God consciousness—the consciousness of one—healing takes place. But what exactly is the consciousness of one? How is it attained? Gorman explains how any devoted spiritual student can not only achieve it, but maintain it with a simple, consistent spiritual practice. One stands apart by lifting the reader away from material consciousness (which clouds the one reality of health, abundance, love, harmony, and peace from being experienced) into the consciousness of oneness where all good is visible, real, and practical and where sickness, lack, and limitation dissolve. “The miracle of good is already present and manifested in individual consciousness. Only release it as the oneness it is and you will discover your life filled with every form of real and permanent good.” —Paul Gorman

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