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London Notes and Lectures

by Walter Lanyon

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 171 pp.


In his introduction, Walter Lanyon tells us that “the gist of the book is to establish Self-reliance; to bring to the attention of man the nature of his true Self … and cause him to see that by becoming one with this Power, he is the Power in action.”
The author puts forth the principles of Truth in a way that is easy to grasp and apply to individual experience. When we realize that there is no such thing as an unanswered problem, it gives us courage to begin, as did the Master, Christ Jesus, with the premise “It is done.”
“Our outer world is only the out-picturing of what we conceive God and His universe to be,” the author explains. He leads the reader to the understanding of how to realize the isness of the perfect Self, thereby dissolving the mist of the “circumstance world” and showing forth the perfect idea.
Walter Lanyon’s writings are filled to overflowing with the truth of Being, offering inspiration, courage, and freedom to the spiritual seeker. They are a pure offering of Love and bring forth blessings infinite when we accept this gift so freely given..
“Beloved, the light is breaking, and we are beginning to realize the fullness of our heritage, our oneness with God. Little by little, we are beginning to realize that the Truth we are to know, which will make us free, is that we already are free.”