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Life More Abundant

by Walter Lanyon

Part 3 of a Trilogy –

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 223 pp.



Life More Abundant is the third book in a Trilogy by Walter Lanyon, the first of which was I Came and the second one was That Ye Might Have. For those willing and prepared to move forward on their spiritual journey, the reading of Life More Abundant is a potentially life-changing experience. It contains all the essential elements necessary to lift one above the conditioning of personal sense and any limitations that may have unwittingly been accepted as “reality” over many years, or even lifetimes.

As a master teacher and writer, Walter Lanyon delivers an outstanding message that includes points that you have likely never read or heard. You will also discover that this message is accessible to you no matter where you may be on your spiritual path. Each chapter builds upon previous ones, and in doing so, you are lifted beyond where you have been.

One of the author’s most wonderful realizations is the clear understanding that in order to enter the spiritual kingdom each of us needs help to sever the tethers to the material world.

This book helps one reach a state of freedom from the world while at the same time being prepared to enter the kingdom of heaven. In essence, he is clearing the bondage while providing the understanding to actually live in an entirely new way—it is like waking up in a new house and realizing you are now really “home.”

You will discover that unlimited treasures await everyone who is open to this book’s powerful message.   —from the book

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