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Laughter of God

by Walter Lanyon

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 238 pp.



“And then one day I heard the Laughter of God in the midst of me and within the world, and all was suddenly changed. Old patterns and ideas were shattered and passed away—a new loveliness of life was exposed to view … ”
How does one hear the Laughter of God? Walter Lanyon has a powerful message to share with the world, a message based firmly on the teachings of the Master, Christ Jesus, and the joy and promise it brings is evident throughout the book.
“One thing alone is necessary, and that one all-important point is your willingness to take your attention away from the limited human concept of yourself.” The realization that God is not some mysterious power but is the very presence of Life within us and our universe brings instant freedom from the discords of human belief.
“One moment’s recognition that you are the Son of the living God, and you have attuned your ear for the Laughter of God.”
“And one day you will laugh the Laughter of God, too.”