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Joy Is an Inside Job

by Don Blanding

Comb-bound – 8½” x 11″ – 159 pp.


Don Blanding has written a treasure of a book that is filled with his spiritual reflections in the form of outstanding inspirational poetry and prose. All of his writings seem to touch our hearts and many reveal those breathtaking “ah ha” moments. Don has a fascinating way of writing because he thinks outside of every box and reframes what people normally see or think. With this gift, every single page ends up being a much-awaited surprise and a great joy to read. There are many short fascinating snippets which make this book ideal to pick up and open a page at random and discover the gem of the moment.

Don has spent many years (and likely many lifetimes) dwelling in the inner sanctum and it will be obvious that the still small voice is constantly present and sharing insights and creative ideas through his writings. These writings reach the heart of readers because they are laced with spiritual insights, love and joy.

All of the writings in this book act to turn the readers within to find our own inner guidance waiting for us to recognize It.

As we read there is no doubt that Don was literally the one chosen to be the instrument through which this book should flow and we are the beholders of this gift.

“This book is my honest attempt to pass-along to you the ‘Road-Maps’ which set me on the Joyous Journey to Joy-Age (whatever your age, your Joy-Age is now … if you can realize it).
“Whether I have failed or succeeded … I have tried.

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