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Impressions of a Nomad

by Walter Lanyon

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 209 pp.


This book is a beautiful collection of stories and impressions gathered from many lands during Walter Lanyon’s wide travels. Most are based on actual events and people he met.

The range of countries and cultures is diverse, and many years have transpired since his journeys, yet the spiritual principles presented remain unchanged and are as relevant and practical in our life today as they were then.

“The soul who recognizes the fact that the word of God is true and enduring begins to accept the finished kingdom as a reality … “

The author’s gift for storytelling and vivid description carries us with him to a Christmas in Germany, the jade-green seas of Hawaii, the home of a Persian tentmaker, an Italian garden, an English café—we feel we are there, listening to each story as it unfolds the deep truths of God.

“You, as the expression of God, have been sent here for an express purpose. The beautiful course of your life is guided and directed by the All-wise … Such glorious possibilities await us; such unknown cities (states of consciousness) await us; such unlimited and unanticipated capacities suddenly come into being.”

Walter Lanyon takes us on a spiritual journey, a journey of the Soul, stirring consciousness to awaken to these timeless principles and bring forth unlimited capacities with joy and thanksgiving.