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Impatient Dawn

by Walter Lanyon

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 174 pp.


“The Soul of you, that Immortal Being which will not die, which cannot die, stands pressing against the cage of human thought, even as the Impatient Dawn presses against the purple curtain of night.”

The writings of Walter Lanyon, based on his own spiritual experiences, are filled to overflowing with the promise of new beginnings. In his unique way—direct, to the point, and with great love—he lifts us to a new awareness of the unlimited possibilities that await us when we remember our true Identity. The barriers fall away, the old thought patterns dissolve, and we see clearly, as the Truth dawns in consciousness. This is a present possibility and brings with it immense hope and joy.

The principles of Truth are brought forth here through revelation and understanding, often through stories and anecdotes from his own experience. We begin to realize that these principles are active here and now, and we are shown how they lift us out of the world of illusion.

 “That Impatient Dawn is pressing against the door of your awakened consciousness, waiting to reveal to you the secret of your Being, waiting to lead you into your God-given heritage—waiting, trembling on the very brink of Self-expression.”

 The inevitability of our spiritual fulfillment is revealed in a way that genuinely inspires and encourages the spiritual seeker to accept these joy-filled promises.

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