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God Is All and Selected Writings

by Lillian DeWaters

Pamphlet – 5½” x 8½” – 89 pp.


“God is all there is! God is ever-present! God fills all space! There is nothing but God!”
These opening statements form the foundation for the writings presented here. With clarity and inspiration, Lillian DeWaters presents the absolute Truth and through her many practical experiences sets forth spiritual principles that lead the reader into deeper understanding whereby he is enabled to rise above the temporal scene.
We are told that we must refuse to accept any belief that would suggest we are not now living in the spiritual world: “Place your vision, then, on this Life that you are; on this Substance that you are; on this glorious Body that you are. Perceive spiritually that sickness, disease, sorrow, poverty, death are impossible and preposterous since God is All, and All is God … Spirit, the one Selfhood, or I AM, remains absolute as our only Self, Being, Body, and World—present right here and now.”
Lillian Dewaters never strays from her absolute conviction, based on her own direct experience and revelation, that this truth is the truth for every individual. Her steadfast devotion to Truth is the gift of inspiration and will surely bear much fruit.
“The way out of delusion is neither through a denial nor through self-glorification, but through Love alone, and this same Love is the activity culminating in the divine Light, or Illumination and Revelation, that the One is All, and All is One.