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Eyes of the Blind

by Walter Lanyon

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 171 pp.


To see with the “single eye,” the perspective of Oneness, is the message Walter Lanyon brings to the earnest seeker of Truth. This vision sees nothing other than Truth, wholeness, joy.
“You are awakening out of the long night of sleep into the dawn of Reality. Something that transcends all the human doctrine is being poured out upon you … Do you begin to see the wonder of it all and the deep, secret teaching that is being poured out upon you? Secrets that are conveyed to you as you read, which no tongue will speak.”
The author takes us into this dimension of Oneness with clarity and conviction, lifting us to the realization that it is not some future attainment but is our present state here and now, if we but recognize and accept our divine inheritance as Sons of God.
“You are standing before the gates of the temple Beautiful, knocking … Your stand is no longer that of a beggar and outcast seeking admittance to a place which is not yours. You are knocking at the doors of your own kingdom of heaven … See these doors swing open. You want the truth, not more beautiful words, theories, and stories. You want the truth—the reason of your existence.”
This Truth is the gift awaiting us within these inspired pages, as “the eyes of the blind” are opened.