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The Easter of Our Lives


by Joel Goldsmith

Pamphlet – 4½” x 6″ – 36 pp.


With vivid clarity, Joel Goldsmith takes the reader to the Garden of Gethsemane to stand by the side of the Master as he reflects, alone and deserted by his disciples.   “‘Then, have I failed?  Did I fail?’   and from somewhere deep within his own being comes the answer, ‘you could not succeed and you could not fail, because this is not your work. This is My work, you are My instrument.’”
This powerful message captures the essence of what it means to realize “God, Itself, is our power, God, Itself is our presence.” The author emphasizes that the celebration of Easter is not about an event that took place two thousand years ago, rather it is the symbolic revelation of a principle, that God alone Is.  This is the Easter experience that lives in us, but only if we have “eyes to see and ears to hear.” He teaches, “There will come a time in our own experience when we are in that courtyard, and when we know that before us lies inevitability in one form or another.  Before us stands the desertion of everything and everyone upon whom we have placed reliance, and we find ourselves alone with God.  It is in that aloneness with God that we find the spiritual reality of wholeness and completeness.”
This essay is Joel Goldsmith at his finest.  Each paragraph yields a treasure of spiritual guidance and truth.