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The Easter Letters

by Joel Goldsmith

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 188 pp.


“As Joel Goldsmith’s teaching and healing ministry took him to the far
corners of the world, he sent a Monthly Letter to his students. The Easter
Letters comprises ten of these letters, each of which beautifully
commemorates the mystery and majesty of Easter. Whereas Christmas brings the
promise of peace on earth to all, within all, Easter reveals the achievement
of full Christhood by the Master and reveals the way by which we can attain

“In The Easter Letters, Goldsmith seems to step from behind the dais and sit
down with the reader who seeks this ascension above material sense. With
warmth and clarity, he lays out the steps in the form of a concise outline
entitled, “What the Infinite Way Reveals.” With that masterful blueprint as
a guide, the book brings into sharp focus the life of the Master Jesus, and
provides powerful instruction and revelation about the living Easter
experience that happens day by day in the life of every truth-seeker. The
Easter Letters guides and inspires. It invites readers to consciously
experience and embrace the ever-expanding life of birth, death (dying to
concepts), and resurrection welling up within every living moment. It is a
true celebration of Easter, and offers an inspiring set of contemplations
and reflections for the Lenten season.”