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Developing Healing Consciousness – 20 Lessons

Based on Joel Goldsmith's work

by Aileen Hoff (Compiled by)

Comb-bound – 8½” x 11” – 146 pp.


This is an outstanding resource for developing a healing consciousness. It includes transcripts from 20 of the most important talks for developing this consciousness. The book was compiled by Aileen Hoff, and Joel made it clear that these particular talks were very important ones to study. The excerpts from transcripts which were used are from the following talks: 247, 248, 260-267. This book is intended to be used as a 20-week study guide to help everyone develop a healing consciousness.

The transcripts for the full classes are available in Joel’s published book: The Foundation of Mysticism, which is in Joel Goldsmith’s published book section on this website.

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