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Consciousness Unfolding – Unedited

by Joel Goldsmith

Comb-bound – 8½” x 11” – 127 pp.


This book, along with most of Joel’s comb-bound books are significant because they include Joel’s original “unedited” words. This copy is from the early unedited talks that Joel Goldsmith gave in California in the late 1940’s. The edited version of this material is available as a published book by the same name.

“You will find that God is universal Mind. God is Life eternal. God is infinite Consciousness. But you will find also one thing more than that; you will find that the divine, universal, infinite Mind, or Consciousness, is manifesting Itself as your individual consciousness! It is unfolding and revealing Itself as your individual consciousness, so that you are ultimately able to say, ‘I and the Father are one.'”

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