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Consciousness Is All: Now Life Is Completely New

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by Peter Dziuban

Hardcover – 6″ x 9″ – 327 pp.


The author, Peter Dziuban writes: “This is a book on Infinite Reality. It shows clearly why only Consciousness Itself—also known as the One Self, Love, I Am, the Divine, God and other terms—is the very one being conscious and alive right here, now. “As Consciousness is All, or One, It thus is not a higher Self, but the only Self. It precludes there being another, lesser consciousness that has to, or can, become anything. “No transformation is necessary or even possible. This shatters the myth of there being a secondary self that has to struggle to get at-one with a vague ‘god.'” Read this book as if It were Consciousness, the One Self, talking to Itself. This is the only ‘viewpoint’ that is valid and actually functioning because, truly, the Self is the only One being conscious here, now, so this can even be read! “Stop and think what a marvelous book it would be if the Self, the One, wrote a book about Itself. What would the One All-Self say? It couldn’t speak of a human struggle of becoming the Self—It could speak only of already being the Self. It wouldn’t have to instruct how to get at-one with Itself because It already is that! All the Self could speak of is Its own Presence—the immediacy of Itself to Itself. It could state only what It already, presently is—Oneness, Wholeness, and Perfection. Would that leave you out? Not at all! That very Self being conscious here, now, is the only You there is.”

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