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Behold the Man

by Walter C. Lanyon

Paperback – 5½” x 8½” – 177 pp.


“Something wonderful is transpiring right now—yes, right now. The automatic changing from mortal to immortal is going on in you, and presently you will be able to say: I Am That I Am has sent me”—yes, you—“into expression.”

Walter Lanyon brings to the reader a sense of the immediacy and normalcy of Truth. As we move from the son of man degree to the Son of God degree, we behold the effects of Truth in our present experience. We no longer view Truth as something extraordinary, but natural and normal, in the same way we experience breathing.

Through his spiritual insights, the author shows us how to bring the promises of God “into the present tense,” into the now of Spirit, no matter how impossible a situation might seem. We innately know that the belief that our days are “few and full of trouble” is not Truth. We sense, somewhere in the depths of consciousness, the vision of our perfection, freedom, and joy.

“One temple of belief after another crumbles to earth. The awakening “you” is demand­ing its right to the Garden of Eden, demanding to come into its divine heritage, and is at last finding the way out of the maze of human beliefs.” It is wonderful!

The author’s clear presentation of Truth will surely enable the reader to “Behold the Man!”